·      The European Association of Jewish Choirs (EUAJC) provides a platform to encourage collaboration between member choirs in the holding of Jewish choral festivals and other activities.

·     These festivals will include music workshops where new pieces are rehearsed and will culminate in Gala Concerts in prestigious venues.

·      Spanning all strands of Judaism, we aim to raise the profile and expose the diverse range of Jewish choral traditions and genres. These events will be promoted to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences.

·     Where necessary, we will engage with relevant European-wide, national and local organisations and will strive to promote inter-faith relations.

·      Our Festivals will partner with relevant charities in order to reach out and support different communities.

·      Recognising the diverse Jewish traditions and history in the member countries, our annual Festival will strive to educate and inform the attendees of the local Jewish history.