European Association of Jewish Choirs 

Guidelines (2019) 

The European Association of Jewish Choirs (EUAJC) is open to amateur Jewish choirs based in Europe. Members of the Association are expected to have experience of public performance; to possess a full concert repertoire; to have been involved in performing to audiences beyond their specific communities; and to have developed an established online marketing presence which includes a website and use of social media. For involvement in festivals, new members need to submit two ‘CD quality’ recordings that will be assessed by the EUAJC Board to ensure a high enough performance standard. Membership is by application to the President of the EUAJC 


Members of the association pay a small fee towards its running costs, and towards the management of choral festivals. Paid up members are entitled to attend festivals, subject to meeting the necessary requirements, and the membership fee will be taken as part of the cost of festival attendance. Should a new member not meet the festival performance standard in the first year, the fees paid can be applied to attendance at a future festival. Currently (2019) the fee is 5 Euros per singer/performer. 


The Association forms a hub for Jewish choral activities in Europe. It provides a means of communication between member choirs and facilitates the sharing and exchange of music and musical initiatives. Its principal public role is the coordination and facilitation of choral festivals (to be held annually, or as regularly as possible), for which it acts as an advisory body but is not the principal organiser. Festivals are hosted and organised by EUAJC members in their own country.   

Festival History

The first European Jewish Choral Festival took place in London in 2012, hosted by the Zemel Choir. Subsequent festivals have taken place in Vienna (2013), Rome (2014), London (2015), St Petersburg (2017) Lviv (2018) and Ferrara (2019, while a smaller event took place in Jerusalem (2016). The founder choirs and initial hosts were the Zemel Choir, the Vienna Jewish Choir, and Coro Hakol of Rome. Subsequent festivals have been hosted by the Eva Jewish Youth Choir (St Petersburg) and the Varnitshkes Ensemble (Lviv) and Coro Hakol. Our next festival will take place in Israel (2020) and will be hosted by the Ramatayim choir in Jerusalem.

Festivals are occasions for participatory music workshops, rehearsals and performance of the Jewish choral repertoire, as well as social interaction. They include joint concerts for participating choirs and culminate in a gala concert which focuses primarily on repertoire sung by the combined choirs. The number of choirs participating in a festival depends on certain limitations, specific to the location. 

Member choirs need to apply to participate in festivals. In the event that there are too many choirs applying, the EUAJC committee will make a decision regarding participation. Choirs who are unable to participate one year will be given priority for the subsequent festival.

As the festivals are events featuring amateur choirs it is expected that participating choirs will pay their own travel and some food expenses.  The festival fee includes accommodation, some meals, a contribution to running costs and the EUAJC subscription (see above). It is expected that organising choirs will seek sponsorship to cover the remaining core costs of the festival. The Association will support the organisers and assist where possible in the search for sponsorship. 


Anthony Cohen (President, EUAJC)

Richard di Castro-Italy (Joint Vice President EUAJC; President, Coro Hakol)

Roman Grinberg-Austria (Joint Vice President EUAJC; Musical Director, Vienna Jewish Choir)

Benjamin Wolf-UK (Joint Vice President EUAJC; Musical Director, The Zemel Choir) 

Itai Daniel-France (Board Member: Musical Director of Ensemble Choral Copernic)

Yaakov Fisher-Israel: Organiser of 2020 Festival and member of the host choir -Ramatayim in Jerusalem)

EUAJC Committee Members

Camilla di Lorenzo (Musical Director, Coro Hakol)

Florian Pollack (President, Vienna Jewish Choir)

Diane Sheer (Chairman, The Zemel Choir) 

Date: September 2019